Information for Tutors

Documents Needed

  1. Student sign-in (for statistics)
  2. Biweekly timesheet (for payment)

Instructions for Student sign-in

  1. Sign in here with your credentials first so that and then get your students to sign in. This is to know which students correspond to which tutor

Instructions for Biweekly Timesheets

  1. Needs to be completed by every other thursday a day after the period's end date which is listed in the table below
  2. Get timesheets from folder in W100 or from tray in accounting office or print it
  3. Fill it out with the give start and end dates in the table below and make sure you sign it ! If you don't sign it, it will be returned
  4. If you don't have your employee ID live it blank. Instead write your GTID somewhere on the timesheet
  5. Put it in 'Completed Time-sheets' folder which is pined near the first booth in W100
  6. (This is for your information only) I will then get the timesheets signed by Ruth Pierre at the academic office and then I will submit it to the accounting office tray
  7. If you had submitted it on time, expect to get paid as per the paydates listed in the table below

Fall 2015 Biweekly Timesheets Schedule

Start DateEnd DatePay Date


  1. The main tutoring booth is taken up, what do I do?
    Choose another booth and kick the people occupying it (nicely of course).

  2. What should I do if i submit biweekly timesheets late?
    Same routine except instead of returning it to the folder, you have to get a department signature from ruth pierre in the academic office Put it in the tray in the accounting office. It is 2 doors down from the academic office. The door will be open, and there will be a tray where you put your completed timesheets

  3. Will I still get paid if I submit it late?
    Yes, but it will take a while. Also, if you have any payment issues it will be harder to track and resolve if you had submitted it late.

  4. Is there a place where I can check my work hours and payments?
    Yes! techworks